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CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | January/February 2018
Top 10 Campus Technology Stories in 2017
CVirtual reality, online learning, digital literacy and tech adoption concerns have all been among the most popular topics on our website.
Rhea Kelly
Executive Editor
CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY READERS are trend-watchers. is handling studio setup for MOOCs, online courses, guest your students understand specific concepts or recording They are looking out for new technologies on the horizon, speakers and more. lectures for exam review, these tips can help you optimize but interested in ways to improve the here-and-now. Judging your production setup on a tight budget.
by their reading habits in 2017, they keep tabs on the latest 4) The 6 Major Barriers to Technology Adoption in
in ed tech while focusing on the core mission of teaching Higher Ed 8) Rethinking the Computer Lab of the Future
and learning. Even as technology proliferates in education at unprecedented At St. Norbert College, a revamped computer science Does that describe you? Here, in order of popularity, are the rates, new hurdles — including limitations of the human mind lab provides a flexible space for presentation, collaboration
stories you and your peers turned to most in the last year. to keep up with technological advances — are throwing and more. themselves in the way of effective implementation.
1) 11 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2017 9) 9 in 10 Students Admit to Cheating in College, Suspect
Our annual feature on the hottest trends in education technology came out on top again for the year. Look for our 2018 watchlist on page 26.
2) The Impact of Virtual Reality on Learning
As VR provides new ways for students to interact and gain hands-on experience, it’s important to experiment and demonstrate the technology’s potential learning benefits.
3) How to Build a Production Studio for Online Courses
At the College of Business at the University of Illinois, video operations don’t come in one size. Here’s how the institution
5) How to Help Faculty Build Online Courses
The University of Arizona developed a toolkit to help new instructional designers and online instructors get up-to- speed in creating courses for students that might never show their faces on campus.
6) Redefining Literacy in a Digital Age
Technology and digital media are changing the meaning of literacy and creating new challenges for teaching and learning.
7) 8 Tips for Lecture Capture on a Shoestring
Whether you’re flipping your courses, creating videos to help
Faculty Do the Same
Students cheat frequently using a variety of techniques, and some believe their instructors are prone to the do same. That’s the bottom line from a survey done by a company that performs private investigations and digital and business forensics.
10) 6 Ways to Feed Innovation in Your Library
Once the initial dazzle of your new (or remade) library has worn off, how do you keep up the pace and flavor of innovation? An expert from North Carolina State University offers her take.
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