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Enabling Student Access to Engineering Apps, Anywhere on Any Device
Hear about how the University of Maryland is virtualizing its applications to enable any time, anywhere access for its 38,000 students.
Sponsored by NVIDIA and Citrix
The Evolving Role of the Higher
Security risks are multiplying in volume and variety, and it’s no longer just
IT’s concern. As budgets flatten and scrutiny rises, how must higher ed IT leadership evolve to keep pace
with new threats, while still driving innovation?
Sponsored by Lenovo and Intel
Inside the Ransomware Industry and Its Impact on Education Education is the most-targeted sector for ransomware attacks. Security researcher Danny Yuxing Huang (formerly of UC San Diego, now a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton) provides an inside look at real-world ransomware operations: their business models, conversion rates, revenues and impact on victims.
Sponsored by Cisco Umbrella
CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | January/February 2018
ESB Professional/
Cengage Unlimited is a subscription plan that provides unlimited access to the company’s digital course materials for a fixed per-semester price.
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Alexa for Business, a new offering from Amazon Web Services, provides voice control for office tasks. The Alexa intelligent assistant can help start conference calls, control conference room equipment, schedule meetings, keep track of tasks, notify IT of an equipment issue, reorder supplies and more. Read the full story online.
Lecture capture and video platform company Echo360 is introducing Universal Capture software that allows users to record the screen of their Mac or Windows device as well as capture lectures in the classroom, through the same interface. Read the full story online.
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