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Achieve Institutional Excellence by Harnessing Campuswide Intelligence
Learn how American University (DC), University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are leveraging institutional intelligence and analytics to overcome many of their challenges in their quest for excellence. Sponsored by Splunk
Are You Prepared for the Latest Cybersecurity Challenges?
Recent headlines have revealed a new league of cyber threats exploding on a
global scale — and the risk to schools, colleges and universities is only
going to grow. Experts discuss how
to develop an effective security plan against e-mail, web and cloud-native threats. Sponsored by Cisco Systems
West Chester University Innovates With BYOD Initiative to Expand Distance Learning Program
Find out how West Chester University (PA) was able to secure access to apps and data for all constituents across all campuses, reduce IT workload and expand distance and hybrid learning. Sponsored by Citrix
CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | August/September 2017
Veative Labs has launched Veative VR Learn, an all-in-one educational virtual reality headset that includes an interactive controller and built-in mobile device.
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NEC has updated its line of MultiSync E Series displays with wake-on-HDMI, built-in digital/analog ATSC/ NTSC tuners, new text- to-speech functionality and more.
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Three new interactive flat panels from Hitachi America offer full HD capabilities in 65-inch, 75-inch and 86-inch models. The displays boast 10 or more simultaneous points of touch (with +/- 2mm accuracy) to support collaborative learning and group work.
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