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Campus Industry
CLOUD MOVE. The State University of New York is looking to the cloud
to modernize its IT infrastructure and support next-generation learning. The
largest university system in the United States is implementing Oracle Cloud at Customer, a dedicated platform that provides public cloud services to the university data center. The solution will allow SUNY’s individual institutions to run their public cloud initiatives while keeping sensitive data on premise. “Individual schools can leverage the Oracle Cloud Machine to provision virtual machines, replicate mission-
critical data for disaster recovery, and quickly stand up development and test environments, which can help those schools to reduce their individual data center footprints and reduce operating costs,” according to a news release. Read the full story online.
SAVING ON ENERGY. In an effort
to reduce energy costs, Clemson University (SC) has deployed the L2000 Distributed Energy Storage System from Johnson Controls in its Zucker Family Graduate Education Center. The 160-kilowatt-hour system comprises both batteries and inverter and is capable of delivering 50 kilowatts of power. Predictive control software automates battery usage and simplifies monitoring and integration with the existing Metasys Building Automation System, which allows for control of the storage system and the large energy consumption loads of the site. The system will also provide engineering students an opportunity to practice measuring and tracking energy savings. Read the full story online.4
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