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IOT THREATS. This year, the Internet of Things (IoT) surpassed mobile as
a potential avenue of cyber attack, according to a report from ISACA,
a nonprofit association focused
on knowledge and practices for information systems. The 2017 State of Cyber Security Study surveyed IT security leaders around the globe on security issues, the emerging threat
landscape, workforce challenges and more. According to the findings, 97 percent of responding organizations have seen IoT usage rise over the
last year, making it a primary focus for cyber defenses. “As IoT becomes more prevalent in organizations, cyber security professionals need to ensure protocols are in place to safeguard new threat entry points,” an ISACA statement advised. Read the full story online.
NEXT-GEN IT TRAINING. IBM is partnering with community colleges across the United States to help pre- pare students for “new collar” career opportunities, defined as well-paying jobs in which “in-demand technology skills are valued more than credentials, and a traditional four-year college degree may not always be required.” The tech- nology company will collaborate with the participating institutions on curriculum design for next-generation IT skills; offer community college students opportuni- ties for internships and apprenticeships; and hire students for IBM careers. Read the full story online.4
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