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What to See at Campus Technology 2017
TIf you are traveling to Chicago this month to convene with other higher education IT leaders at CT2017, here are 8 sessions worth attending.
THIS MONTH, the annual Campus Technology Conference Planning for a Career in Higher Education Technology Making the Most of Multimedia (TLD5)
kicks off in Chicago (July 17–20), bringing together higher Leadership (CIO3) Looking to incorporate more engaging audio, images and video education IT leaders for an exploration of technology’s role Those aspiring to C-level positions in IT won’t want to miss in your courses? A team from the University of Cincinnati will in campus administration, infrastructure, teaching and learn- these insights from Joy Hatch, vice president for technology explain how.
ing, and more. Here are eight highlights not to miss: at Fort Hays State University (KS), who will cover shifting
from a technical to a leadership mindset, building skills and Enterprise Mobile Apps: Buy or Build? We Chose Build Faculty Development: Lessons Learned and Innovations experience, forging a career pathway and more. (IMN3)
Ahead (WS3) A frequent speaker on mobile, makerspaces, ed tech trends In a hands-on workshop, Virginia Commonwealth Univer- Terraforming the Academic Terrain (TLD3) and more, Kyle Parker, senior software engineer for developing sity’s Gardner Campbell will offer tactics for faculty devel- Experts from the University of Arizona’s Strategic Alter- technologies at Ball State University (IN), will delve deep into
opment and supporting sustainable and effective change on campus. (See our recent interview with Campbell on page 38.)
native Learning Techniques Center will share apps and tools that help students with learning and attention chal- lenges succeed. Topics will include audio note-taking, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, mind mapping and study/ research apps.
Toward a Smart Campus: Implementing an Internet of Things Infrastructure and Applications (ITD5)
Learn how Western Michigan University Libraries developed an Internet of Things environment to facilitate prototyping and implementation of IoT applications and services — and the challenges faced along the way.
his institution’s experiences with mobile app development
Closing Keynote: The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life When Robots Rule the Earth
Resist the urge to skip the final keynote: Robin Hanson, author of The Age of Em and associate professor of economics at George Mason University, will explore a future dominated by artificial intelligence tech. His ideas range from virtual reality and teleportation to religion, war and love. Plus, Gardner Camp- bell will join in to consider the takeaways for higher ed.
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A Framework for Getting Value From Your Institutional Data (ILP2)
James Kulich, director of the Masters in Data Science Program at Elmhurst Col- lege (IL), will explain how the CRISP-DM data mining standard can help ensure predictive modeling efforts will yield effec- tive change and institutional value.

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