Page 25 - Campus Technology, July 2017
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We asked faculty to dish on their use of technology, likes and dislikes, views of the future and more. Here’s what they told us. BY RHEA KELLY
JUDGING BY THE outlook of faculty in colleges and universities to- day, the future is bright for technology in higher education. A full 98 percent of faculty members who took our second annual Teaching With Technology Survey believe technology will play a positive role in education going forward. And 88 percent see a positive impact of technology in the here and now..
Of course, there are still plenty of wrinkles to work out when it comes to teaching and learning with technology. Issues of access, faculty training, ped- agogy, cost, cheating, digital literacy, IT support and integration all came up in survey responses. Still, most faculty agree that technology has made their jobs easier, enhanced their teaching, improved student learning and more.4

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