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transition their work to a 360-degree environment down the road.”
Georgieva also sees more products coming up in this cat- egory, such as the Samsung Gear 360 camera that was released last March. It can capture video in 4K resolution, live-stream in 2K resolution and allows users to edit and share content in real time.
5) Social VR Spaces
Aside from steep setup costs and technological barriers, another challenge in using VR in a classroom or lab is that the student is isolated within the experience.
“Education works best when you’re talking with each other .... Eye contact is extremely important for the learning envi- ronment,” Craig said. “That collaboration, communication and connection has to get into our VR platforms and it will. I think within the year, you’ll see a number of social VR platforms.”
AltspaceVR has tremendous potential, he noted, since it uses avatars and supports multiplayer sessions that allow for socialization and user interaction. “With the front row feature, you can go and be part of an event or audience. You can be part of a small group with your friends, or go alone. No matter which option you choose, you feel like you’re in direct contact with the performer,” Craig said.
Facebook has been continuing to develop its own VR platform, Facebook Spaces, which is in beta and will be out
later this year. LectureVR is a similar platform on the horizon. “Facebook Spaces may offer a compelling example of how we can leverage the social aspect of VR, from in- spiring virtual clubs and tutoring options to experien- tial learning that can greatly enhance both the onsite
and online student experiences,” Georgieva said.
Editor’s note: Next month, Craig and Georgieva will join consultant and futurist Bryan Alexander at Campus Technology 2017 (July 17–20 in Chicago) for “Future Trends Forum Live: Teaching and Learning in a Virtual, Wearable and AI World,” a live panel discussion on how wearables and virtual reality will bring radical innovations — and profound challenges — in higher education.
Samsung Gear VR with hand controller

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