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Innovation in Higher Ed Begins with Data
Campus Technology • PULSE SURVEY
Regularly use indicators of student success in decision-making
Have the right technology for data collection, analytics and reporting •
Have users who can quickly and easily get data for decisions
Have data experts to guide users through data needs
Meet regularly to discuss student success data
Maintain real-time data shared through dashboards
Have data they consider timely, valid, reliable and trustworthy
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Mental and emotional health Retention
Enrollment management Campus engagement Learning analytics
Open educational resources
Regularly run student focus groups
to understand concerns
Meet regularly as a data governance council to discuss data updates and trends •
Have clear and consistent data definitions across systems
Use machine learning and AI to make data predictions
Have eliminated data silos and integrated diverse data sources
say effective use of data is critical to institutional survival
Source: Campus Technology
“Why Student Experience Matters” makes a case for institutions to add an experience management platform in their tech stack, right below the ever-present SIS and LMS.
In “It’s Time to Re-imagine Your Front Door,” a design expert suggests looking at how the biggest names in digital experiences solve the same challenges your college faces with its users.
“Seeking a Modern Search Experience” examines how the online user experience could be more effective, especially when it may be the only connection to your campus.
As “When Live Virtual Learning Really Works” explains, the best courses deliver collaborative learning experiences that engage and inspire learners. Your virtual learning platform can either help or hinder that pursuit.
No other segment will benefit more than education from automating routine processes, as “The Long Wait: Why
It’s Time for Higher Ed to Embrace Automation” explores. Finally, as “Partnering for Smarter, More Efficient
Purchasing “ asserts, it doesn’t matter how innovative your campus wants to be. If it can’t get the right products and services when they’re needed at a price it can afford, those innovations will remain nothing more than good ideas.
Achieving Amazing Outcomes
The practice of “data diving” on campus can have a lot
of amazing outcomes. More students will show up and stick around; users’ experiences will be memorable in positive ways; employees will feel more job satisfaction, giving them pause when other opportunities arise; and innovation won’t be rushed by external forces (a.k.a. COVID-19) but introduced regularly as the normal order of operations, in response to what data is telling you.

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