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Deepen analytical insight for a better student experience
Search, observability, and security solutions for educational institutions
Leapfrogging Traditional Search
Elastic, named a leader in the “Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search” report, leapfrogs traditional limitations while gaining a robust presence on campuses all over the world. It places
no such artificial limitations on data ingestion, data size or licensing. “Searchable snapshot,” for example, lets you store any amount of data — petabytes’ worth — for any length of time on the storage flavor of your choice, including inexpensive
S3 in AWS. You no longer have to rely on high-priced SSDs
or other specialized storage devices for the kind of response times your users expect or storage capacity IT needs.
Elastic binds three technologies into an integrated, well- tuned platform:
ƒ Elasticsearch for query
ƒ Kibana for data visualization, dashboarding and
ƒ Elastic Agent for data observability and limitless security detections and precision response
The Elastic Platform in Action
Elastic offers an open-source edition — free and open to
can be deployed on premises or on cloud as customer requirements necessitate.
One U.S. college seeking a better search experience adopted Elasticsearch on premises because of its ease of implementation (deployment in under an hour) and customizable options (virtually putting an end to support inquiries related to hunting down what users couldn’t find online).
Another educational institution chose Elastic as the backbone of its new security center and deployed on the cloud. Shortly after implementation, the Elastic platform alerted the university of an external WordPress attack. As that school’s chief information security officer said, “I’m confident that as we add more data sources and focus on security full-time, our investment in Elastic will continue to pay even more dividends.”
The online user experience has become — in many ways — the only experience people may have with your institution. And that always starts with search. Make it worthwhile.
Jared Pane is the senior lead solutions architect for Elastic. Previously, Jared served as a solutions specialist for state and local government and education at Red Hat and at the California Department of Justice, as a team technical lead covering system software. He’s a self-proclaimed “lover
of data.”
anybody to use — and an open-code edition for schools that
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want a tighter level of control and support. The platform

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