Page 16 - THE Journal, March/April 2019
P. 16

Any good strategy for developing IoT solutions should come with a roadmap for baking security into the secret sauce to avoid complications down the line.
A recent Gartner report offers recommendations for school district CIOs who are looking to get into the IoT market:
• Next-generation security is a team sport. Implement broadly supported and effective security policies and practices at your organization by establishing a com- prehensive planning and governance group composed of a variety of stakeholders, including students, faculty, legal and human resources team members. Consider programs for mitigating risk, building trust, protecting student privacy and using data in an ethi- cal manner.
• Objectively identify the strengths and gaps of your current security plans by using a variety of frame- works (such as those created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology or the International Or- ganization for Standardization) or third-party provid- ers for assessing the current state of your program.
• Invest significantly in cybersecurity training and awareness program for students, faculty and staff aligned to your strategy by creating a unit specifically committed to planning, educating and measuring the impact of security awareness training efforts.
• Adopt security and privacy policies that enable faculty, staff and students/parents to control what personal data is collected and on what legal grounds that processing takes place. Evaluate and adjust the current practices and methods used for collecting and managing organizational data.

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