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All the elements to create a safe e-learning environment and support digital citizenship
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IT Asset Classroom Internet Management Management Safety
With the expanded use and diverse types of technology in schools, it’s now a priority that measures are taken to create a safe learning environment while ensuring IT assets are used effectively. NetSupport DNA provides all the elements for successful classroom and
school-wide IT management across all platforms and types of devices.
IT Asset Management
 Hardware inventory & discovery
 Software license management
 Complete Power management
 Endpoint security & alerting
 User account management
Classroom Management
 Real-time screen monitoring
 Classroom assessment tools
 ‘Safe Search’ browsing
 Centrally launch apps / URLs
 Lock screens / keyboards
Internet Safety
 Keyword monitoring
 Web & App metering
 Internet Safety alerts
 Track ‘vulnerable’ students  Student ‘Report a concern’
Save time, reduce costs, and improve digital safety for your students while enhancing the quality of technology-led instruction. NetSupport DNA is always supplied as perpetual with a one-time cost and no recurring annual license fees.
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