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Top Educational Game or Gamified Learning Tool
Platinum: Kahoot
Gold: Microsoft Minecraft Silver: Prodigy Math
Top Game not Necessarily Designed for Education but Used as a Part of Instruction at Your Institution
Platinum: Microsoft Minecraft
Favorite Virtual/Augmented Reality Headset or Hardware System
Platinum: Google Cardboard Gold: Samsung Gear VR Silver: Sony PlayStation VR
Favorite Virtual/Augmented Reality Software/System
Platinum: Aurasma Gold: PBS Lunch Rush! Silver: Chromville
Favorite Gaming Platform
Platinum: Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Gold: Sony PlayStation Silver: Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Surface
Favorite Classroom Presentation Software Platinum: Google Slides
Gold: Microsoft PowerPoint Silver: Prezi
Office/Productivity Suite
Platinum: Google G Suite Gold: Microsoft Office 365 Silver: Apple iWork
Favorite Multimedia Authoring Suites & Creative Software
Platinum: Adobe Creative Cloud Gold: Apple Creativity Apps Silver: Ubuntu Studio
Favorite E-Learning Authoring Tool
Platinum: Google G Suite Gold: Camtasia Studio Silver: Adobe Creative Cloud
Favorite Media Tablet (by Brand)
Platinum: Apple Gold: Google Silver: Samsung
Apple iPad
Favorite Chromebook (by Brand)
Platinum: Google Gold:
Silver: Lenovo
Favorite Windows Tablet
(by Brand)
Platinum: Microsoft Gold: Dell
Silver: HP
Favorite Convertible Notebook/ 2-in-1 Notebook (by Brand)
Platinum: Dell Gold: HP Silver: Lenovo
Favorite Education Notebook (by Brand)
Platinum: Apple Gold: Dell Silver: HP
Favorite Virtual Desktops and Thin Clients
Platinum: Lenovo ThinkCentre line Gold:
•HP Thin Client Solutions •VMware
Silver: Dell Wyse
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