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Unified Solutions and
Emerging Technologies
Recent innovations in security software will allow the end user to look beyond the fence By Cheryl Stewart
Large scale infrastructure environments, like air- ports and critical infrastructure sites, present a physical security challenge. Limited awareness of the entire perimeter of a facility can result in intrusions and present issues for physical and cyber-attacks. With a traditional perimeter monitoring system, operators are only alerted to a potential breach of restricted areas after the fence has been touched.
Physical security strategies have traditionally focused on securing the perimeter. And with good reason. The goal is to stop dangerous elements or intruders from gaining access to an
internal environment. As physical security evolves, the perimeter remains a vital concern.
For large-scale environments, like airports and critical infrastructure sites, securing the perimeter is made more complicated by size. When an organization has limited awareness of its entire perimeter, it is more susceptible to intrusions that can lead to physical security breaches and cyberattacks.
New and emerging technologies, such as drones, are also having an impact. With an estimated million drones entering the world’s airspace each month, drone detection has become a hot topic in the discussion around perimeter protection. Some are
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