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“Together, these technologies continue to usher in new milestones in performance and capabilities that transcend the applications for video surveillance beyond traditional physical security.”
designers can deploy many advanced capabilities where they are needed most without the need to implement expensive and complex system-wide enhancements. Imaging devices that provide intelligence at the edge can be placed in specific areas that warrant the added protection afforded by AI technology. This provides a cost-effective way to enhance the performance of an existing surveillance system while leveraging previous investments in systems technology.
One of the most significant operational benefits provided by new AI-driven surveillance cameras is in their ability to provide new sources of data for business intelligence (BI) applications. For example, VMD features, like cross line and object direction detection, can be easily deployed in manufacturing environments to detect potentially dangerous situations around production
lines. They can also ensure that areas with power generation and HVAC equipment, or data centers and other high security areas, are not breached. Smart facial recognition solutions with privacy-protection pixilation capabilities can also be used to locate missing children in busy airport terminals or shopping malls or by municipalities to locate senior citizen elopements. The applications for these powerful features are virtually unlimited for BI applications across the enterprise.
The ability to upload third-party applications further adds to the versatility of these powerful intelligent imaging devices. New video surveillance cameras with built-in AI processors provide powerful edge-computing capabilities that allow system integrators to further customize these versatile endpoints for numerous applications. For ease of deployment and added cost savings, many third-party applications can be installed without a cloud- or server-based connection, which is ideal for systems with distributed architecture and remote camera locations.
As a result of their outstanding imaging performance and versatility, AI-driven video surveillance
cameras will play an increasingly important
role in the continued advancement of physical
security system technology, as well as new and emerging BI and health-safety applications.
Adam Lowenstein is the director of product management at i-PRO Americas, Inc.
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