Page 31 - Security Today, March 2022
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With AI Deep Learning
With market-leading detection rates
ureTech Systems Inc. PureActiv® Software Solution provides a scalable layered automated detection, classification,
tracking, and deterrent solution for protecting any critical infrastructures, facilities, and borders. PureActiv can dramatically increase surveillance effectiveness and efficiencies by acting as a force multiplier.
PureActiv’s open architecture software solution easily integrates with numerous perimeter and field sensors and systems to enable your organization to quickly leverage as much or as little of PureTech’s capabilities as needed. PureActiv can automate the entire process from intrusion detection, auto-verification, PTZ Auto-follow, and invoking non-lethal acoustic deterrents.
PureActiv AI Video analytics are in wide use today, Providing both hard-wired solutions and the Rapid-Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance Systems (R-DAPSS pictured right), PureTech automates the protection of Borders, numerous types of transportation infrastructures (Airports, Seaports, Transit agencies), Military bases, Critical Infrastructure and Utilities, among others. Since PureTech’s PureActiv AI Video Analytics boast the longest detection ranges in the market (over 5 miles), camera counts are minimized, which dramatically lowers infrastructure costs including fewer cameras, recording, poles, power and network infrastructure, and installation labor.

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