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Handheld Tools 8
Overcoming Big Challenges
A new generation of handheld tools can help security installers overcome key industry challenges and benefit from significant time and cost savings
By Tim Widdershoven
COVID-19 10
Smarter and Stronger
Enhanced visitor management for a post-COVID world
By Martha Howlett
DIY Security 12
The Next Normal
Ways to evolve to better meet the needs of your customers after the ‘great reset’
By Scott Harkins
Retail Security 14
A Secure Home Run
Covering all the bases with the deployment of state-of-the-art integrated security solution
By Monique Merhige-Machado
Disparate Systems 22
The Time Has Come
Security technology is set to play a pivotal part in this rapid transformation
By Jason Burrow
Big Data 26
Coming of Age
Innovation and automation are being built on strong data foundation
By Ajay Jain
Cloud Security 30
A Hybrid Work Environment
Bring your own portable storage device to work? Not today
By Richard Kanadjian
Deep Learning 34
Drivers and Implications
Innovations in hardware have bolstered compute power
By Quang Trinh
Intelligent Video 40
Extraordinary Value
Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town in most industries
By Aaron Saks
Crime Prevention 44
The Science of Sherlock
How modern-day crime solvers are putting technology to the task
By David Petrook
Smart Cities 48
Safer Cities
As population increases so do the complexity of challenges related to crime, traffic and more
By Adam Lowenstein
Emergency Communications 52
An Uninterrupted Lifeline
Radio communications link emergency responders to enhanced systems
By Mahesh Nanjakla
Access Control 54
Connecting Networks
Creating safer workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic
By Shahar Feldman
Industry Focus 6
Take Nothing for Granted
By Ralph C. Jensen
Security Today Solutions 60
Advertising Index 62
Industry Professional 64
Internet of Things
Smart thermostats, drones and connected coffee makers likely would not go rogue
By Kate Adam
Moving the Needle
Video security and storage play a significant role in the security space
By Amanda Potas
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