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“With the bulk of such data being unstructured data, new data-driven solutions are required to contextualize this disparate and fragmented information in a seamless way.”
from physical security data using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that empower a whole new range of highly advanced automated physical security applications that were previously unattainable. A truly converged data driven physical security solution, the new platform presents myriad opportunities for digital transformation and improving several major business processes such as:
Physical Workforce Identity & Access Management (PIAM) which unifies and streamlines identities, access and badges; on/ off boarding processes; physical access provisioning; access au- dits and compliance to regulations; risks analysis and prescrip- tions and mobile self-service.
Physical Security Operation Center (SOC) Automation for au- tonomous false alarm reduction and reporting, unlimited device monitoring and auto optimization, auto configuration of devices, and auto detection of faulty devices, along with provisioning au- tomated virtual SOC assistants using AI/ML playbooks.
Cyber-Physical Security to enforce “defense in depth” using advanced AI models that detect vulnerabilities in physical securi- ty, IoT and building automation devices to prevent cyber surface attacks and reduce organizations’ exposure to overall risk.
Vector Flow’s data-driven solutions are already implemented at several Fortune 1000 companies. This includes a global tele- communications provider with over 450,000 identities – the Vec- tor Flow team replaced the legacy PIAM application with a new AI-enabled physical identity lifecycle application. The new solu- tion promises to save millions of dollars in direct costs over the course of the contract while increasing overall security operations productivity, compliance to regulations and delivering valuable service to the enterprise.
In another example, a top Research and Pharmaceutical com- pany, focused on anti-viral drugs and treatments, deployed Vec- tor Flow’s AI-enabled solution to streamline SOC operations, enable AI-driven device health prediction, reduce false / nuisance alarm counts and streamline SOC functions by establishing and measuring KPIs across all SOCs including
compliance with newer regulations such as AB
685 & SB 1159 for building occupancy during
Covid-19 times.
Ajay Jain is the president and CEO of Vector Flow Inc.
“Installing new security turnstiles? Leave the project management to me.”
Troy McLamb, Installation Coordination
From shipping and storage, to floor excavation and electrical tie-ins, you can leave the details to Troy’s installation management team. They provide project oversight and web-based training to ensure every installation goes smoothly, without surprises.
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