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"Highly accurate thermal cameras mean the safest and most reliable temperature screening solutions on the market today."
With more than 100,000 schools closing in the United States, Americans recognize the need for safer learning environments. History has proven that closing schools can result in a devastating impact on children's futures.
Online learning was the initial solution to continuing critical education. Virtual class- rooms removed the risk of infection by com- pletely removing students and educators. This temporary solution became more permanent with flaws surfacing week after week. More than 4 million students lacked consistent access to a computer while 3.7 million lacked internet access. This virtual learning solution has not been adequate for all students.
Millions of students remain at home while school superintendents work to create a safer learning environment. Rules and regulations update and change to best serve the needs of the community. Whether in a K-12 school or a university campus, the safety and health of students and staff are of utmost importance.
Campuses are taking precautionary mea- sures requiring socially-distanced class- rooms, personal protective equipment and frequent sanitization. Temperature screening on campuses limits the risk of contamination within these environments. With these pre- cautionary measures, infrared technology provides schools with a frontline defense and helps return peace of mind.
Temperature Screening
The CDC recommends that a person should stay home when appropriate. This means that students and employees who are sick should remain at home to monitor their health. Unfortunately, it is not always clear when persons are sick or have come into contact with a COVID-19 carrier.
With hands-on learning interrupted, infrared experts standardize tools for a safer school reopening. Temperature screening
By Gary Strahan
Safer Environments
has become a turnkey solution for safer learning environments. High accuracy infrared cameras screen temperatures of individuals as they enter a building. This front door checkpoint helps limit unknown contamination from entering campuses. Infrared cameras can rapidly detect elevat- ed body temperature in mere seconds. This keeps drop-off lines efficient, and school events safer.
Social distancing, proper personal protec- tive equipment, and frequent sanitization all help in limiting infection. In addition to this, high accuracy temperature screening solu- tions build in a protective barrier at school entrances. Schools can slow the spread from reaching the classroom with infrared tech- nology.
Infrared Technology
High-grade temperature screening equip- ment consists of three components: an infra- red camera, a temperature reference device, and a computer or screen. Systems using these three components lead to high accura- cy temperature detection. The thermal cam- era is considered the “brains” of the opera- tion. While the temperature reference is put in place to achieve world-leading thermal detection accuracy, a screen provides a sim- ple way to detect an elevated temperature. The “Green Dot” tells your team there is no elevated temperature, and the “Red Dot” indicates the device has detected an elevated temperature.
Every school has different circumstances. Infrared Cameras, Inc. (ICI) cultivates many solutions to fit the new challenges students, faculty, and parents face. Knowing each
school may face complex challenges, they create systems that seamlessly integrate and improve school and university’s safety proce- dures. Implemented in schools across the nation, ICI’s priority is to help create a safer in-person environment. The founder of a Loudoun County private school, Deep Sran, has already implemented infrared technolo- gy in his school. He believes Loudoun “is the safest school building in the country right now.”
Custom for Learning Environments
ICI's thermography experts prioritize the unique and extensive problems schools and universities face. From staff entrances to caf- eteria lines, they tailor their solutions to be versatile, fitting wherever needed. Educators install temperature screening solutions in a variety of locations. They integrate seam- lessly into existing workflows removing excess equipment.
ICI commits itself to develop features to improve circumstances. Available features include:
• Easy to understand pass/fail technology
• Centralized monitoring • Dual Vision Cameras
• Light and sound alerts
• Email/Text notifications • Printed Badge
• Access Control Card
• Customizable functions
Attended solutions are ideal for high traffic areas. With a TSA style check-in at schools, temperatures are rapidly detected. This keeps lines moving and entrances clear. Teachers can get back to teaching and students can get back to learning with this technology.
Is Your Campus Prepared for a
Safe Reopen?
Temporary solution became more permanent with discovery of weekly flaws

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