Page 48 - Security Today, January/February 2021
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cover story
The Second Wave
Fighting the pandemic doesn’t require investments in short-term solutions
By KiChul (KC) Kim
Advanced Technology
Bringing Biometrics to Campus
Biometric security solutions are gearing up to capture greater market share and make physical access control systems (PACS) in education more secure
By Steve Humphreys
Mass Notification
Communicating Evacuation Plans
Campuses rely on notification systems as a critical means for emergency communications
By Paul Shain
Access Control
The Key to Keeping Healthcare Facilities Safe and Secure
Providing a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors
By Paul Baratta
Workforce Management
Enhancing School Security
Making sweeping changes to battle COVID-19 on campus
By Eric Thurston
Visitor Management
Improving Security
How PIAM systems help turn the security tide for distributed buildings and facilities
By Despina Stamatelos
Life Safety
Preparing for Extreme Weather
What you need to know to design the safest school storm shelters
By Heather Bender
Safety First
6 Tips to Stay Safe on Campus
The challenges that keep parents awake at night
By Lisa Bigelow
Campus Protocols
Countering the Media Narrative
Positive outcomes of an active assailant protocol
By Brooke Miller Gialopsos, Cheryl Lero Jonson and Melissa M. Moon
28 Campus Network
The Possibilities of Integrating Intercoms on a Network
Integrating intercoms onto a campus network enhances a college or university’s security and safety applications
By Craig Szmania
30 Corporate Campus
Building Security Systems
Campuses are adding more cameras, access control and other key protocols
By John Nemerofsky
32 Operational Knowledge
Intelligent Communication on Campus
Understanding the need for robust, enhanced implementation of mitigation efforts
By Alan Stoddard
34 Safer Environments
Is Your Campus Prepared for a Safe Reopen?
Temporary solutions became more permanent with discovery of weekly flaws
By Gary Strahan
36 Campus Software
Protecting Public Schools
Puerto Rico Department of Education concerned about increased intrusion and robberies
By Barbara Rizzatti
38 Building Health
Preparing for Flu Season
Brush up on the best practices to ensure accuracy and prevent misunderstandings
By Ben Oberle
40 Higher Education Regulations
Title IX Updates
Key changes, context and where schools may still need help
By Sarah Ford and Josh Whitlock
42 Internet of Things
Critical for Safe Campuses
Social distancing is a critical part of campus safety during the pandemic
By Hussain Suleman
6 Editor’s Commentary
Campus Security at its Best
By Ralph C. Jensen
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