Page 40 - Security Today, January/February 2021
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Compiled by Ralph C. Jensen, Editor-in-Chief
Net2 Tutorial Series
Paxton has produced a new series of Net2 tutori- als to support installers with the latest features in our innovative access control software. These short, informative videos provide guidance on how to make buildings more COVID-secure with Net2. The unprecedented nature of the coronavirus has led many businesses and building developers around the world to consider how people can move safely around their sites and maintain social distance whilst ensuring their business remains economically pro- ductive in the months ahead. In what seems to now be ‘the new normal’, varying degrees of social re- strictions are likely to remain in place across many countries. Since the start of the pandemic, Paxton has introduced several updates to their flagship ac- cess control system, Net2. The system is installed globally in a variety of commercial and public sector buildings, as well as critical sites such as schools, hospitals and laboratories.
Electronic Access Control
The SALTO XS4 One Deadlatch is a revolutionary stand-alone electronic lock thanks largely to the level of technology packed inside that brings togeth- er the convenience of a smart stand-alone access point – easy to retrofit, install, and no wires – with virtually the same power and performance of an on- line traditional access control point. This innovation brings electronic access control and convenience to a number of retail and commercial operations that commonly use aluminum-framed glass doors that previously had limited options for electronic locks. The XS4 One DL electronic lock combines proven robustness, the latest technologies, and elegant de- sign, making it suitable for a wide range of applica- tions. With its intelligent product design, the XS4 One DL offers more functionalities in less space. Further- more, SALTO remains true to using only high-quality materials and as few components as possible, which results in durability and longevity of the products.
Gate and Fence Lock Boxes
Codelocks Inc. has announced its new all-inclusive Gate Box Kits. The just-released kits contain all com- ponents – from one source – needed for an easy and effective gate and fence installation, including lock, latch and accompanying lock box. The Gate Box Kits can include one of the following: a mechani- cal lock, an electronic lock or a smart lock found in Codelocks’ long-established CL Series. Each lock has different benefits, including options such as the ability for codes to be changed without removal from the door or disassembly, remote code changes and access management, and allowing multiple codes to be set. The stainless-steel buttons eliminate prob- lems from button wear associated with user code deciphering. The majority of the Gate Box Kits in- clude Codelocks’ locks that can be installed back- to-back, which needs a code to be entered before an individual can go through the gate in either direction.
Integrated Functionality
ProdataKey has announced that the company has made it easier to connect third-party solutions with pdk io software through the use of webhooks. Web- hooks are an enhancement to the pdk io API, allow- ing the software to send automated notifications to a receiving URL when specified events occur. They can be created for any number of access control events, such as opening a specific door, opening any door, the entry of a specific employee, or the addition or deactivation of a user. The receiving third-party software or app can utilize this infor- mation within its own platform, allowing for inte- grated functionality without the need to constantly request updates from pdk io. Video management, visitor management, time and attendance tracking, fire and burg, and intercom software are prime ex- amples of solutions that can be easily enhanced by leveraging pdk io’s webhooks.
Cloud-hosted Management
ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions completed the in- tegration of their Aperio® wireless lock technology with the Connect ONE® cloud-hosted management platform from Connected Technologies, Monument, Colo. Connect ONE manages all connected customer devices, including wireless and hardwired locks, ac- cess control, intrusion, video surveillance, critical environmental monitoring and energy management from a single interface. The Aperio integration offers Connect ONE customers an easy way to connect ad- ditional wireless locks to new and existing installa- tions. Aperio is a global wireless platform that works with extensive locking hardware options from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, offering the flexibility to ad- dress a variety of applications throughout any facil- ity. The platform uses wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4) between the lock and an Aperio hub to pro- vide real-time communication to the access control system, simplifying installation and reducing costs.
New App for Integrators
Hanwha Techwin America, has announced a new app for systems integrators. The new Wisenet QR Scanner App is designed to help quickly create a list of all Wisenet devices associated with a specific proj- ect, without having to take the products out of their packaging. The QR code is found on the outside of the product carton, the bottom of the device, as well as on an included extra sticker for Wisenet modular cameras. This allows a technician to place the sticker on draw- ings to fully capture the device information. The app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play can run on any smart mobile device. It is able to capture information on the latest generations of Wisenet products, including model names, serial numbers, and MAC addresses. This information can be used to create a Bill of Materials (BOM) to verify that an order has been fulfilled, and ensure that devices have been installed. IT managers use it to keep track of devices on the network and their MAC addresses.

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