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restlessness can be a sign of a problem that may escalate. In addition, the two-way audio feature in some systems enables healthcare providers to listen for audible indicators of breathing difficulties, as well as to speak remotely with their patients.
Because it would be impossible for medical staff to be in every patient’s room simultane- ously, hospitals with in-room cameras allow medical staff who are remotely monitoring patients’ vitals to also visually verify if a patient is in distress and call for immediate medical attention. Medical staff can help cli- nicians with procedural checklists or remind them when they last administered a certain medication. If they see an emergency devel- oping, they can quickly call for additional support personnel, so the nurse doesn’t have to leave the patient’s bedside.
Sometimes a delay in responding to a criti- cal medical situation can have dire conse- quences. A study published by medical jour- nal JAMA Pediatrics discovered that alarm fatigue is an industry challenge, as it can take nursing staff more than 10 minutes to respond to less critical physiological alarms. With cameras in every patient room, medical staff doing the remote monitoring can observe sudden changes within seconds and quickly
dispatch a code blue or rapid response team to potentially save a patient’s life.
One such episode occurred after the attend- ing nurse had just left a toddler’s room. Sud- denly the child’s vital signs indicated he was having a febrile seizure. Based on what the paramedic saw, he triggered an immediate alert to the nurse and to the rapid response team who arrived at the boy’s bedside within
seconds, saving him from brain damage.
In another case, the cameras revealed a mother attempting to smother her child. The paramedics instantly alerted the rapid
response team at that hospital to intervene. The cameras also helped a medical team stop a sick teen from leaving the hospital without permission during an abduction and elopement alarm. The in-room camera
Remote Monitoring
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