Page 14 - Security Today, October 2020
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No Touch,
Low Touch
Guide for public buildings: find a way to eliminate the spread of germs
The global COVID-19 pandem- ic has made eliminating the spread of germs a critically im- portant life-safety imperative. This is especially true for building owners/ managers and for those that specify, install and maintain the low voltage building sys- tems used in those buildings, including au-
tomatic doors and access control systems. Whether it be an office, hospital, uni- versity campus or industrial plant, com- pliance requires either eliminating manual door activation, for example a hand press- ing a switch or using a handle to open a door, and replacing with an automated “no-touch” solution or, when that isn’t
desired or possible, enabling the manual door activation to be done with another part of the body (i.e., arm, elbow, hip, knee or foot), which is referred to as a manual ‘low-touch’ solution.
It should be remembered that although the urgency of employing no-touch solu- tions has skyrocketed in 2020, many of the

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