Page 94 - Security Today, July/August 2020
P. 94

By John Anderson
As Common as a Smoke Detector
Indoor detection of a gunshot may soon be part of campus value add
Gunshot Detectors
Indoor gunfire detection has long been a high-value but high-priced addition to a complete security solution. Fortunately, we are reaching a nexus of technology and demand that will remove the largest barri- ers to entry. As converging market forces and shifting security priorities make such systems as essential as smoke detectors, the next gen- eration of gunfire detection will provide affordable, unobtrusive, and potentially life- saving monitoring, detection and alerting.
"As the cost of indoor gunfire detection systems ceases to be an obstacle, responsible stakeholders must consider inclusion of such technology as part
of a comprehensive active shooter security plan."
18 | JULY/AUGUST 2020

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