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Intelligent Campus
"One of the most common cross-discipline uses of security technology in higher education today is the all-in-one student ID card. The card controls access to the dorm. For heightened security it can be linked to a video camera and facial recognition software to verify the identity of the user."
How Multi-tasking
Becomes Multi-discipline Tasking
One of the greatest selling points for intel- ligent network security solutions is their ver- satility. While they provide excellent forensic evidence of an event and help mitigate threats, they can also deliver valuable, actionable information when applied in non- security activity. For instance, a security solution used to deter intruders can also inform maintenance that a door latch needs repair. A solution used to prevent shoplifting can also help increase bookstore sales by alerting the clerk that a customer needs help.
In general, security systems are viewed as “see, say and do” solutions. Video cameras observe, speakers broadcast messages and analytics provide the intelligence to direct action where it is most needed. These are tasks that can be applied to a whole range of operational issues facing today’s colleges and universities. So it is little wonder why secu- rity solutions are crossing department lines. For instance:
Ever wonder why BOGO is such a great marketing ploy? There is something about getting more for your money that buyers find hard to resist. The same can be said about colleges and universities. If you can show them how to stretch their investment dollars by sharing resources across departments, you win the prize.
This mindset should be influencing how security professionals build their business cases for intelligent security solutions. Rath-
er than directing proposals to the security department alone, invite other disciplines into the conversation. Brainstorm as a team on creative ways to use the technology to better protect the school and improve differ- ent campus operations. This discussion should also address IT’s concerns about cybersecurity and efficient resource manage- ment. Talk about pooling budgets and shared benefits and greater return on the institu- tion’s technology investments.
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