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Salient Systems
4616 W. Howard Lane Building 1, Suite 100 Austin TX 78728
Tel: (512) 617-4800 Fax: (512) 617-4801
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Salient is a leading provider of comprehensive, enterprise-level Video Management Sys- tems. Salient Security Platform provides a full range of applications for unmatched scal- ability, a fully open architecture, simple licensing, and the lowest total cost of ownership.
CompleteView 20/20, Salient’s next-generation Video Management System, represents the latest innovation in intelligent security. With Salient’s robust and flexible UI, users can man- age and administer enterprise-level security solutions up to 30% faster. Superior command and control tools paired with seamless third-party and video analytics integrations enable Sa- lient’s comprehensive management solution to meet security needs – today and tomorrow.
• Fully Open Architecture – Seamlessly leverages existing technology investments and minimizes disruption as hardware and software infrastructure changes over time
• GeoView – Supports alerts on both satellite and image-based maps to provide intel- ligent incident management capabilities
• Auto Map Switching – Enables operators to switch a camera and map view in relation to the monitored facility
• Custom Tabs – Creates tabs for individual cameras and view layouts for instant access
• Global Text Search – Instantly searches and sorts keywords for events, cameras, views,
and servers
• Enhanced Remote Investigations – Empowers accelerated playback and search
• Video Wall – Displays any views, cameras, or maps from multiple Recording Servers to
multiple monitors for advanced situational awareness
• Smart Search – Dynamically searches recorded video by designating regions of interest
in the scene
• AI-based Video Analytics – Directly accesses BriefCam®VIDEO SYNOPSIS®servers for
advanced video analytics
• Dynamic Resolution Scaling – Optimizes video data delivery with Salient’s unique band-
width management technology
• Push Updates – Allows operators to apply the latest Recording Server software updates
to multiple, remote systems simultaneously
As global uncertainty elicits ever-increasing security concerns, the evolution of video sur- veillance solutions must keep pace with customer demand. Leveraging intelligent video technology to mitigate risk, improve service delivery, and drive positive business out- comes is the cornerstone of Salient Security Platform. Industries such as retail, banking, education, manufacturing, and more trust Salient to deliver advanced solutions. Visit Salient at to learn more.

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