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Dotworkz Systems
3688 Midway Drive San Diego, CA 92110
Tel: (866) 575-4689 Fax: (619) 639-9914
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Since 1998, Dotworkz has been manufacturing climate controlled protective camera en- closures and accessories for smart cities, security, broadcasting, traffic, research and OEM camera systems. Our products give industry professionals a quality solution made to withstand and protect in all environments. Engineered, built, tested and supported in California to the highest standards and safety certification levels to insure quality and performance while extending the life of cameras and sensitive electronics.
Many of our housing products can be tuned to climate specific internal BOM components i.e. Cooldome active cooling with speciality lens materials such as Germanium windows for thermal cameras or add in custom exterior paint options for branding or concealment.
Dotworkz’ line of housings range in size to work with small form factor cameras up to extra-large long range wide area camera and lenses systems combinations. Our smallest camera housings, B.A.S.H. (Ballistic Anti-Shock Housing) to our spacious multi-camera housing, B.O.B. (Bi-Ocular Box) to our extra-large STXL (S-Type Extra Large) that accommo- dates Megapixel cameras with precision long-range lenses, our housings provide protec- tion levels and company support like no other.
Our products and accessories offer a complete “single box mount solution” for cost-effective smart city surveillance deployment, IoT (Internet of Things), communication radios, to the security and surveillance hardware connecting and protecting all the pieces along the way safely inside with cameras.
We are continuously striving to innovate and make the install process simple. For over 20 years Dotworkz has been the standard in providing consistent high quality of US made products with fast delivery and friendly support to all our customers.

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