Page 36 - Security Today, July/August 2020
P. 36

“Using cameras with advanced technologies like wide angle views, wide dynamic range and built-in IR illumination, security can monitor more area with greater image clarity – whether the area under observation is in bright sunlight, dark shadow or only lit by emergency lights..”
image clarity – whether the area under observation is in bright sunlight, dark shadow or only lit by emergency lights. The in- creased situational awareness gives security visual evidence they need to quickly resolve issues like stolen property and customer service disputes.
Because of the preponderance of surveillance cameras facing both inwards and out at these venues, there’s a lot of reciprocity with local law enforcement who often requests venue share foot- age to help in criminal investigations and prosecutions. In return, law enforcement often alert security about persons of interest in the area such as celebrity stalkers, individuals on a most-wanted list or other known troublemakers.
Many venues have begun integrating other tools with their surveillance cameras to help their security force improve their situational awareness and response time even as their entertain- ment district continues to expand.
For instance, they’re adding video analytics like license plate recognition to identify vehicles in parking facilities or traveling on surrounding roads. They’re integrating their cameras with panic buttons throughout the stadium and parking lots to enable security to quickly locate the emergency, assess its nature and dispatch assis- tance to the exact location. They are tying cameras equipped with motion detection to audio systems that can automatically broadcast a warning to anyone attempting to enter the stadium after hours.
They’re augmenting their cameras with facial recognition soft- ware and tying them to the stadium’s access control system to verify the person using the keycard or badge matches the face in the database. They’re adding sophisticated search algorithms to the video management systems to spot suspicious packages and expedite searches for lost objects and people.
They’re incorporating audio analytics like gunshot detection to trigger active shooter protocols like automatically placing a call to local law enforcement. They are even tying their cameras into their mass communication systems and electronic signage to maintain safety during emergency evacuations.

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