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Providing Cutting-Edge Solutions to Modern Challenges
That careful collaboration resulted in a technological upgrade reflect- ing the latest in modern surveillance technology, offering benefits for students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders. The selection of IDIS software and cameras positioned the school district to benefit in two important ways: higher performance rooted in the company’s well-known commitment to innovation and feature-rich hardware and software, and cost savings via the company’s consistent delivery of high-quality technology with a low total cost of ownership.
Benefiting from industry leading warranties and performance guaran- tees, and free of the recurring licensing and maintenance costs typically found in the industry, Coppell ISD secured top-of-the-line performance without sacrificing responsible management of taxpayer and grant money.
The surveillance upgrade selected by district leaders, in partnership with Siemens and IDIS, includes the deployment of 1,200 network cameras across the district’s schools and administration facilities.
This ensures the comprehensive coverage of indoor and outdoor dis- trict spaces through the use of IDIS’s award-winning fisheye technology, offering clarity and resolution as high as 12MP, with fluid point, track, and real-time zooming capabilities of IDIS’s proprietary “Smart UX 2.0” controls. These technologies replace multiple, and often more expensive, camera installations and enhances the district’s visibility into on-site day- to-day activities, upgrading Coppell ISD’s surveillance accuracy and real- time response ability—essential for today’s educational environments.
mize file size and storage. The IDIS installation also comes with the IDIS SmartFailover suite of features and benefits, providing assur- ance for the district in the event of power or hardware failures and other unforeseen circumstances.
Enhancing District’s Safety Reputation
By keeping a clear-eyed focus on the current and potential future safety needs of the district’s students, educators, and staff, Coppell ISD opti- mized security across their network of school campuses and offices.
Today, security personnel and administrators across the district ben- efit from real-time situational awareness of property status and incidents via fully networked video surveillance technology, featuring exceptional resolution and ease of use. These new capabilities serve as force-multipli- ers for Coppell ISD allowing operators to cover more ground, respond to situations faster, and document incidents more comprehensively with- out detracting from the student experience or learning environment.
The district’s revamped and enhanced security technology, in this way, works hand in hand with existing infrastructure to not only pre- serve the district’s reputation for positive learning experiences and outcomes, but also enhance it.
“Working on this project with the district and IDIS has truly been a positive experience,” said David Radtke, a senior sales executive at Sie- mens Industry. “I believe that the team members at Coppell ISD, Stephen McGilvray and Tim Disen, and at IDIS, Jeff Montoya, along with our team at Siemens, developed a sustaining culture that was built upon com- munication, collaboration and trust, which ultimately delivered a solu- tion for the district that coincided with what was promised to the school board by Stephen McGilvray, the district’s technology director.”
Cydney Higgins is a marketing specialist at IDIS.
As part of the powerful and forward-thinking solution secured by Coppell ISD, the district’s security and administrative personnel will
also benefit from other key surveillance features and benefits without
increasing costs.
These include latest-generation video compression technology,
H.265, and IDIS’s Intelligent Codec, which allows the district to opti-
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