Page 3 - Campus Security & Life Safety, May/June 2020
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cover story
20 Campus Safety
The Power to Protect
Many of today’s schools employ sophisticated integrated security systems
By Ronnie Pennington
22 Trusted Identity
Challenging Temporary Access
Solutions that withstand uninvited guests
By Despina Stamatelos
28 New Technologies
Feeling Safe
Leveraging technology in the education sector to create safer, healthier learning environments
By Derek Peterson and Christopher Buecksler
30 Healthcare Campus
Hardening Security
Healthcare end-users must be aware of their options to maintain an open, yet secure, environment
By Steve Connor
32 Turnstile Solutions
Keeping an Open Environment Secure
New student center at Columbia College Chicago uses open turnstiles to improve overall security
By Tracie Thomas
4 Editor’s Commentary
Connecting School Security Professionals, Virtually
By Haley Samsel
26 Secure Campus Awards
Pioneering Integration Services 12
Nemours Children’s Hospital is delivering exceptional patient experience
By Barbara Rizzatti
6 Safe Environment
Ensuring Growth
Strong community services comes from safer, more secure schools
By Cydney Higgins
8 Facility Security
Striking a Balance
Lockdowns 101: Learning the best practices for training protocols and access control
By Eric Widlitz
16 Preventing Harm
Going Above and Beyond
Tip lines and panic buttons often help schools beyond their intended purposes
By Todd Miller
18 Traffic Management
A Campus Challenge
Bringing intelligence to roadways, parking areas with video
By Anthony Incorvati
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