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Pioneering Integration Services
Nemours Children’s Hospital is delivering exceptional patient experience
The Nemours Children’s Health Sys- tem is a national resource focused on providing pediatric medical care, research, education, prevention, and advocacy. As one of the largest inte- grated children’s health systems in the Unit- ed States, Nemours is committed to keeping the highest quality care close to home for the convenience of patients and their families.
Nemours owns and operates two free- standing children’s hospitals: the Nemours/ Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del., and the Nemours Chil- dren’s Hospital in Orlando, Fla., along with outpatient facilities in five states. The Orlan- do facility is a full-service, 100-bed hospital with emergency care.
Nemours also offers CareConnect, a 24/7/365 on-demand video-based, pediatric
telehealth program, which provides family access to pediatricians through a smart- phone, tablet or computer. At Nemours, technology plays a large part in their health system services.
Joe Summanen has been the technical architect for Nemours in Florida for more than eight years, has seen the hospital and its systems nearly triple in size. With more than 1,800 network cameras, the hospital uses video for surveillance, security and situa- tional awareness throughout the interior and exterior of the facilities.
Centralized Control
with a Flexible Foundation
The hospital has two command centers with traditional operators acknowledging alarms, monitoring in real-time, performing investi-
gations and other forensic work. Over the course of the video system’s growth in size and sophistication, the technical team at Nemours has built on the scalable Milestone XProtect Corporate open platform VMS.
The Nemours Tactical Logistics Center (TLC) serves as mission control for the hos- pital video system. With 16 large monitors, every child patient can be seen on-screen along with the patient data, local news, weather, and communications from sur- rounding hospitals. If there’s a mass casualty drill or an actual emergency, officials can make real-time decisions on routing traffic or patients to or from other hospitals. Also, if needed, the Logistics Center uses XProtect Screen Recorder to capture video from the displays and rebroadcast the data to hospital leadership for additional direction.
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