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DSX Access Systems, Inc.
10731 Rockwall Road Dallas,TX 75238
Tel: (888) 419-8353 Fax: (214) 553-6147
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DSX Access Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures integrated access control software and hardware for all size systems. DSX products are sold worldwide through a network of factory-trained dealers located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Australia/Pacific Rim, Nigeria and many other countries.
Since 1984 DSX Access Systems, Inc., a Texas based company, has risen from obscurity to become one of the most respected names in the security industry.
With every new generation of hardware and software, DSX has maintained a back path of compatibility to our original generation systems. Yet at the same time, always designing with a future forward mindset. No one can promise what the future will bring, but DSX is committed to staying at the front of product development and maintaining intergenera- tional compatibility as far into the future as is reasonably possible.
DSX products include non-host dependant, intelligent controllers and the DSX total access control software. DSX is available in Microsoft Access and SQL database versions. DSX is full-featured software that includes as standard system features: lockset integration, elevator security, smart phone application interface, mobile initiated emergency lockdown, e-mail/text notification, who’s in mustering reports and many other standard features. DSX DVR/NVR and Soft I/O interfaces are optional software additions to DSX.
DSX-1048 scalable controllers allow control of up to 8 readers per panel and can be configured for systems of all sizes. Each controller provides fully distributed, intelligent processing that is not host dependant and retains all data necessary for system operation in its own RAM.
The uncompromising dedication of DSX to engineering, manufacturing and product sup- port, has always been a well-maintained priority. Quality, Reliability and Integrity have en- compassed the Company’s mindset and the unwavering commitment to these ideals have made DSX the security professional’s first choice.
There are many new DSX product and software developments. Check them out as well as review the latest design and technical information at
DSX remains the security professional’s first choice for total access control because of DSX’s coveted reputation for Quality, Reliability and Integrity.
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