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555 Robson Street Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1A6
Tel: 1.888.281.5182
Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, provides trusted security solutions to the global market. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Avigilon designs, develops, and manufac- tures video analytics, artificial intelligence, network video management software and hard- ware, surveillance cameras, cloud technology and access control solutions. Our products and technology are sold through a channel of trusted partners in over 120 countries and our solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites, including school cam- puses, transportation systems, healthcare centers, public venues, critical infrastructure, casinos, airports, financial institutions, government facilities, and retailers.
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Avigilon has always striven to be at the forefront of innovation, and we believe that deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to solve some of the most critical challenges facing our industry today. Using deep learning AI to make bold new advance- ments in our video analytics, Avigilon is dramatically changing the way users think about and interact with their video surveillance systems, providing faster search functionality, site-wide intelligence and proactive event management to save valuable time and effort during investigations.
We continue to introduce innovative solutions to enhance security operators’ effective- ness like Avigilon Appearance Search technology – an AI search engine that is designed to make searching video as easy as searching the internet. With the latest enhancement to Avigilon Appearance Search technology, users will be able to select certain physical descriptions, such as clothing color and gender and within seconds, find a person of in- terest, helping to dramatically improve incident response times. Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology also uses advanced AI technology to bring a new level of automation to surveillance and help reveal events that may have otherwise been missed. Without any predefined rules or setup, UMD technology is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detect and flag unusual motion. This allows operators to search through large amounts of footage faster, as UMD focuses their atten- tion on the atypical events that may need further investigation, helping to reduce hours of work to minutes.
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