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with crisp background images that accurately reflect the “high-tech” image that your university wants to convey. This can be accomplished through easy-to-use, drag-and-drop ID design and creation software combined with state-of-the-art printing technology that allows users to print high-resolution images on blank card stock.
Beyond images or backgrounds, give each ID a different look and feel with tactile impressions. This affordable technology creates a raised image on the card that enhances branding and fraud prevention while creating a unique and distinguishable card.
Gen Z students are all about multitasking. Consuming information on multiple screens from multiple sources is commonplace for this group, a major deviation from any generation that has preceded them. Think- ing about this from an ID perspective, a simple ID card that’s only used for basic campus identification will not satisfy this cohort’s desire for a modern campus experience. The campus ID can do more of what your students have come to expect.
Imagine a one-card campus ID that can be used to pay for meals or snacks around campus, books, laundry, check out resources at the library, and provide access to dorms or labs. Additionally, it may be used for student discounts at local retailers and restaurants and serve as a transportation pass to get around town. This is the experience that students are yearning for, and your university can provide through the use of smart card technology.
ID card software with pre-build smart card templates and compati- bility with multiple databases and printers featuring smart card encod- ers make this not only possible, but very easy to implement. This not only creates a great student experience, but also allows ID program administrators to streamline processes and integrate multiple systems around campus.
Given the limitless availability of information and entertainment that Gen Z students have grown accustomed to, it’s no wonder they don’t like to be kept waiting. Satisfy this generation’s need for speed by tak- ing a server-based approach to ID cards.
If left untouched, ID card creation can turn into quite a time-consum- ing process. Student enrollment and orientation are key times for uni- versities to make a great first impression on students that have grown up rating their experiences on everything from online shopping to their favorite restaurants. Dedicated workstations for enrollment, capturing photos and issuing ID cards can create long lines during student orienta- tion. For a generation of students with notoriously low attention spans, this can put a damper on one of their first campus experiences.
Shorten the process with ID card software that is installed on the university server instead of individual workstations. Rather than mak- ing the trek toward an office or building that houses all of a campus’ ID issuance equipment, students can be enrolled at any connected work- station or mobile device around campus. Imagine university staff using tablets to issue campus IDs in the cafeteria, dorms and bookstores.
Printing locally can also help satisfy demand for instant gratification while batch printing in a main office where students can pick up IDs, welcome packets and more at the end of orientation can help move things along. Extensive wait times that previously stalled the student orientation experience could eventually give way to an efficient cre- ation and pick-up process that creates a great student experience and reduces stress points for the card administration staff.
Looking to take things a step further? Try remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. Although putting together a fleet of ID card printers may seem like a simple solution, finding the time to man- age all of those printers is often easier said than done. That’s where RMM software can make all the difference. By offering access to an entire fleet of printers from a single dashboard, RMM software ensures all relevant parties have the real-time visibility needed to keep things running smoothly. Firmware updates are implemented within minutes while certificates and keys for each printer may be revised just as quickly and conveniently. Since alerts tied to a printer’s supply levels and overall health are automatically generated, IT staff members won’t have to waste their time regularly checking each printer. This helps maximize printer uptime while streamlining overall processes for IT departments that are already stretched thin.
Much has been made of catering to millennials, but as this genera- tion’s time in college comes to a close, another follows in its footsteps. Well aware of rising tuition costs, Gen Z students expect an experience that provides plenty of bang for their buck. Meet these demands while increasing efficiency by investing in the right tools and technologies. From offering personalization to creating a more seamless student experience, updated card issuance software and printers promise to boost the campus experience.
Offer Gen Z students the opportunity to showcase their personality through a wide range of ID card features, including unique logos, colors, fonts and backgrounds. This same software can also equip a campus ID card with multiple uses and cut down on the time it
takes to obtain one. The result, you ask? A five-star student experience for the Gen Z student that rein- forces the value of their investment in your campus.
Jeff Meier is the director of marketing for Identity and Access Management solutions at Entrust Datacard.

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