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Rasilient Systems, headquartered in Silicon Valley USA, is a global supplier of servers and storage systems. Rasilient’s purpose-built technologies and architecture enable Forensic- Grade IP video surveillance and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications, de- manding the ultimate surveillance quality and reliability to protect an organization’s interests.
Rasilient’s products are based on the NFD platform and are VMS agnostic. The platform’s unmatched perfor- mance and content integrity have been certified by leading companies like Milestone and Genetec.
The number one reason organizations invest in video surveillance is to pr tect the interests of their organization. To do this, an organization’s surveillance video must meet certain criterion to be admis- sible as evidence in court. This is called Forensic-Grade surveillance video.
To be qualified as Forensic-Grade, a video recording must prove beyond any doubt that it accurately represents the actual occurrence of an event. This video must be high quality to show exactly what has happened, recorded at a frame rate high enough to ensure that nothing could have occurred between frames, and have no recording gaps (as a gap could mean important information is missing).
Rasilient’s products are designed to address a wide range of video analytics and surveil- lance applications, from 50 to thousands of cameras, and are VMS agnostic. Because of its surveillance video focus and its patented technologies, Rasilient delivers competitively priced and efficient products that:
• Lower your CAPEX by requiring up 50% less number of servers and at least 10% less storage space.
• Lower your OPEX by requiring less rack space, lowering power consumption and cooling requirements, lowering your disk drive failures and enabling scheduled maintenance instead of reactive maintenance as your system ages.
• Produce surveillance video with no recording gaps, as well as performing uninterrupted recording while supporting analytics functions simultaneously.
• Deliver unmatched performance, data integrity, and reliability as tested by an indepen- dent 3rd party certification.
• Protect your investment with products that are scalable in processing power and stor- age capacity to meet your changing needs in number and types of cameras, new analyt- ics, and retention time.
Small, medium to very large deployments are supported by Rasilient’s products and tech- nologies, and they have been deployed worldwide to protect museums, government insti- tutions, airports, military contractors, financial institutions, educational establishments, stadiums, and residential complexes.
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