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Integrated with a school’s automated door locking system, the platform could then communicate across sensors to proactively lock the doors to prevent entry while alerting security professionals to their presence.
SHEPARD: What other ways can this intelligent video cloud improve school safety?
PETTERSSON: One day, intelligent video cloud could also improve fire and evacuation safety. An intelligent video cloud platform will learn to identify patterns in the video data of evacuation drills to provide recom- mendations for administrators about possible improvements to evacua- tion plans. This can help alleviate bottlenecks in an emergency situation. During a real emergency, the platform may integrate temperature and video data to help provide real time suggestions for changes in evacua- tion routes. This advance knowledge can give student and teachers cru- cial additional moments to evacuate the building.
The technology could also help school security staff members ensure day-to-day student safety. By bringing unusual activity—like a truant student wandering the campus, or a fight in the back hallway— to the attention of security professionals, intelligent video cloud can help staff members perform their everyday tasks that ensure student safety more effectively.
SHEPARD: How can this technology integrate with human school security officials?
PETTERSSON: An intelligent video cloud platform can help augment human decision making. The technology identifies the most relevant insights from video surveillance data and presents that information to human security officials. This additional, real-time information can help facilitate improved decision making. By integrating with other
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IoT devices the platform allows human security professionals to focus on critical incident response functions and perform their duties more efficiently and with access to better information.
SHEPARD: In what ways could an intelligent video cloud security monitoring system help teachers?
PETTERSSON: Because an intelligent video cloud platform can auto- mate the responses to security incidents like intruders and lockdowns, teachers can act faster before an event escalates in time-sensitive situ- ations. They can focus their attention on student safety while auto- matic protocols are triggered (like automatically locking doors). Improving campus security would make schools safer for everyone, from students, to teachers, to administrative staff.
SHEPARD: Are there other applications for this technology on school campuses besides physical security?
PETTERSSON: This technology also has the potential to improve infrastructure management and school upkeep. Through the applica- tion of footpath analysis, an intelligent video cloud platform can aggre- gate usage data for various aspects of school infrastructure and can make suggestions about which improvements require the most press- ing investment.
One day, by monitoring data from other types of sensors, this type of technology could adjust systems, like heating and cooling, to match traffic patterns to different areas which would help schools run more efficiently.
Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety. Andreas Pettersson is the CEO of Arcules.
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