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obstacle avoidance. Using a variety of sensors, the robot constantly evaluates data being collected to ensure the robot avoids anyone or anything. Unlike other self-driving machines that get confused and typically stop when multiple obstacles are in the way, fully autonomous robots handle navigating with ease.
No More “You Missed A Spot”
With robotic cleaning solutions deployed, detailed, accurate reporting on the cleanliness of a facility becomes a breeze. Insights into entire cleaning operations are available on demand and at the click of a button. For example, metrics like total area cleaned and total cleaning time can be viewed at any moment.
With this information available, facility managers better understand a building; they can spot potential operational problems before they happen while increasing productivity. Productivity metrics provided by AI-driven solutions can highlight any issues experienced while cleaning, including an area or aisle that was passed because it was blocked.
Data can also help meet facility sustainability goals. In-depth performance capabilities can track and record water consumption, allowing the adjustment of water flow and brush pressure to design the right clean for any given facility. Extraneous water usage can also be monitored and eliminated.
Likewise, robots offer oversight not available with manual commercial floor scrubbers. For example, technology allows
you to manage, monitor and measure a singular robot or flfleet of robots remotely in real-time from anywhere in the world.
Why Measuring Clean Matters
At the end of the day, missing an area that should be cleaned can mean a facility is shut down or production is paused over a failed inspection; likewise, it could mean an employee becomes sick or injured, creating lost labor issues.
Robotic cleaning solutions and AI-driven platforms are designed to ensure your facility is cleaned more thoroughly. Likewise, they enable data-driven decision-making to create operational efficiencies, maximizing a return on investment. Most importantly, they work smartly and make time spent generating reports and data for inspections a thing of the past—letting your team focus on doing what they do best: focusing on your core business.
Faizan Sheikh is the CEO and Co-Founder of Avidbots. REFERENCES
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