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and stocking strategies to support reliable product delivery; one that is listening and responding to the needs of both women and the overall workforce, understands the power of choice to drive satisfaction and safety, offers personalized solutions to the challenges you face and is dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement—all while adhering to your company’s protective, image and budgetary requirements and vetting products to ensure quality and performance. Speak to and evaluate your supplier!
It’s also critical to take the time to listen to the increasing number of women in your workforce. Interviews, focus groups or panels comprised of women in the field, open dialogue and collaboration with qualified service providers that can offer best practices and recommendations can make an immeasurable difference. One easy way to get started is to follow along with “Women in Power,” a series of video-based interviews spotlighting the experiences of women leading the way in non-traditional fields like utilities, oil and gas.4 In their own words, women share their hopes for the workforce, vision for the evolution of PPE, advice for empowering other women and more.
Moving Forward Together
In 2022, there’s a wide variety of women’s AR/FR apparel options on the market. While many safety leaders have prioritized women’s apparel choice, there’s more work to be done. Stop and
listen to the needs of the increasing number of women in the field. Be sure that your workforce has the options available and access to a qualified service provider to ensure they are comfortable, compliant and safe on the job—so they can return home each night to their family safely.
Barb Fitzgeorge is the Vice President of Marketing at Tyndale Company, Inc., a leading supplier of arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) apparel in North America for energy workers that offers innovative service solutions proven to cut costs and eliminate headaches while expanding service, product choice, and access to innovation—for women and men alike. With nearly 20 years of experience in the FRC industry, she’s witnessed the significant changes and improvements that have taken place in women’s work wear and is dedicated to contributing to further development.
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