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With “Normal” on the Horizon,
Safety Industry Continues to Innovate
Just over two years ago, the world fell quiet. Without traffic on the highways, planes in the sky or ships sailing across the sea, people felt a sense of stillness in the middle of what ended up being a years long storm. While many industries that relied on in-person interactions, such as service, non-essential retail and entertainment, were put on hold, others moved full steam ahead. It was these industries—the ones that never quit—that kept things moving even through the public’s motionless, new reality.
These industries couldn’t just operate the way they had always known, however. New terms, such as social distancing, virus transmission and quarantine, were added to our daily vernacular. New methods of safe work were created—almost on the fly as more information about the pandemic was made available. These new processes for safe work would not have been possible without an industry of experienced safety manufacturers and solution providers working day and night to create innovative products for the industries that needed them most.
Almost overnight, companies had clear barriers erected,
millions of face coverings received and enough gloves and cleaning supplies to last the long haul. Never-before-needed products were manufactured and shipped out as quickly and efficiently as possible to help protect workers in essential industries around the country. The dedication of the safety industry was proven in the darkest time of a global pandemic and it will be recognized and rewarded for many years to come.
While the need for protection from an invisible enemy is no longer in dire need, safety product manufacturers and solutions providers haven’t stopped innovating. They haven’t stopped creating, inventing and moving forward to help keep workers of all industries safe. In fact, the industry is valued at an all-time high and will continue to grow exponentially as more guidelines, standards and regulations are put in place to protect workers from past, present and future hazards in the workplace.
Market Analysis
Currently, the Industrial Safety Market is projected to grow from
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