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"I found CSU and knew it was the solution. Not only was it online, the staff was outstanding and CSU accepted all of my transfer credits."
David Combs
Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health
Let Your Experience Put You Ahead
Transferring Credits Can Save Time and Money
At Columbia Southern University, we believe your knowledge of the occupational safety and health industry should complement your academic experience. Our transfer credit program allows you to take advantage of previously earned academic credits, professional licenses, certificates and training programs. In fact, we will gather your transcripts for you through our easy-to-use, complimentary transcript request service.
» Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety and Health » Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health
– Oil and Gas Concentration – Environmental Management Concentration – Fire Science Concentration
– Construction Safety Concentration
Always Forward. Always Online. » 877.347.6050
Located in Orange Beach, Alabama. Direct enrollment certificates and continuing education courses are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, VA funding, military tuition assistance or Learning Partner discounts. Transfer credits will require a review and decision by the appropriate parties to assess comparable course content and learning outcomes alignment to determine transferability.

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