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Aftermath of the BP Texas City refinery explosion in 2005.
Software provides tools to help simplify this necessary oversight. Many mobile applications6 allow companies to create digital checklists and questionnaires that help ensure key elements are considered as part of the pre-start evaluation. Where an element is recorded on the checklist as out-of-compliance, integrated work- flows can automatically trigger and assign corrective actions to key stakeholders, which can then be monitored and verified for com- pletion before final approval for the change is given. Enhanced ana- lytics features can help users discover patterns of common failures or deficiencies across processes, departments or locations, which can serve as a database of “lessons learned” when bringing future
systems online.
Think Simplicity
Suffering a release of highly hazardous chemicals does not simply mean more reporting. Beyond the risk to human life, it can disable operations and fatally damage brand reputation that is critical to maintain a social “license to operate.” Process safety management is inherently challenging based on its complexity. To manage pro- cess risks effectively, organizations need to explore ways to simplify how to do it. Those able to do so will be much better positioned to reduce the risks to their workforce, and the surrounding com- munity.
Sean Baldry is a Product Marketing Manager responsible for Cority’s Health and Safety solutions.
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Air Sampling Pumps
• Intrinsically safe
• Wireless data transmission
• Simple to operate
• High back pressure capability • Lightweight and rugged
• Long battery life
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