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product revue
Alltrack M3
The Alltrack M3 and M3-HD Mid-Wheel Drive
provide the perfect blend of indoor maneu-
verability and outdoor performance, ideal
for active lifestyles. Thanks to the patented
dual-action suspension, the M3 enables
users to easily navigate everyday obstacles
indoors and out. Each M3 is fully modular
and can be equipped with a wide array of
positioning and electronic accessories for ex-
ceptional performance and endless possibilities. The Alltrack M3 features a compact turning radius, adjustable rehab seating, seat-to-floor height as low as 15.5", state-of-the-art electronics, and a 4-pole 5.9-mph or 6.5- mph high-speed motor. Available in standard (300-lb. weight capacity) and HD (450-lb. weight capacity) models.
APK2 Custom
The Airpulse PK2 is a patented,
fully automatic alternating pressure
relief cushion designed to help
treat and prevent pressure injuries
(pressure ulcers) by performing automatic pressure relief. The cushion in- terrupts constant pressure up to 60 times per hour with a gentle massag- ing action. Aquila Corp. can custom build the APK2 to offload an area of the cushion full time (for example, if needed for a pressure injury), while the cushion stimulates circulation throughout the rest of the posterior.
Go where others can’t with the Q300 M Mini.
Thanks to mid-wheel-drive technology, this
QUICKIE power wheelchair turns on the spot
for an ultra-small 17" turning radius (without
footplates). Enjoy a safe and comfortable
ride with patented all-wheel suspension that
independently cushions every wheel. Climb
obstacles of up to 3" with 12" drive wheels. Power through tricky terrain with strong, energy-efficient 4-pole motors. Plus, the Q300 M Mini has a multi-adjustable seating system and a whole host of styling options. At just 33" in length, the Q300 M Mini easily fits in and out of the smallest elevators, through doorways, and within tight spaces such as kitchens.
Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000
The SMOOV one is an innovative elec-
tric drive that you can easily dock onto
and off of your wheelchair whenever
you need extra power. This modern
and sporty power unit is designed to
significantly increase the driver‘s mobil-
ity and range. The ergonomic control
unit is easy to operate and can be mounted on either the left or right side. Save your energy with the SMOOV one: Everyday challenges like curbs and taking the bus are like child‘s play.
(888) 426-8581
TiLite Pilot
Watch your kid soar in the ultralight-
weight TiLite Pilot. The Pilot has built-in
forward growth adjustment to grow with
your child and maintain optimal rear
wheel access. This gives kids the most
efficient propulsion possible without
needing to adjust or relearn their push
mechanics. A clean frame design features
a seat pan and side panels with easy access to the adjustment bolts, making changes simple and intuitive. The ultralightweight design and carbon fiber frame panels make the Pilot 50-percent lighter and a breeze for kids to navigate. Quick-release wheels and transit tie-downs mean that transporting the Pilot is also simple for Mom and Dad.
(800) 736-0925
Aquila Corp.
(866) 782-9658
The Catalyst line from Ki Mobility rede-
fines the ultralightweight folding market
by raising the bar in weight, performance,
durability, and functionality. Catalyst
users can count on quality construction
and durable design from any of the four
models. With unlimited options and
configuration possibilities, Catalyst can be specifically customized to meet your unique needs. All Catalysts are constructed of 7000-series aluminum and utilize a dual cross brace design, giving you the best in rigidity and ride performance. The Catalyst line’s transport weights start at 12.8 lbs., and Catalyst is the first to offer a 300-lb. standard weight capacity.
Ki Mobility

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