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standing & gait training marketplace
Zing Portable
This new foldable stander boasts a small footprint and lightweight portability. Designed for children aged 0-3 years, the Zing Portable has a weight capacity of 36 lbs. The stander itself weighs just 20 lbs., and the carrying handle on the Zing Portable is designed to balance the weight for an easier lift. The multi-position stander offers supine- to-vertical and prone-to-vertical configura- tions, with independent leg abduction (up to 15°, or 30° bilaterally). Tool-free adjustment makes the Zing Portable easy to work with, and its tripod design enables the stander to comfortably fit into more environments.
Altimate Medical
(800) 342-8968
R82 Mustang
The Mustang is an anterior/posterior gait trainer that provides excellent upper-body support and adjustable-angle positioning for forward tilt in the anterior configuration and full upright support in the posterior configu- ration. Positioning accessories, including an angle-adjustable headrest, are available for extra support, and are removable as walking skills progress. The center bar is dynamic and helps mimic the natural up-and-down movement in walking. The Mustang is an excellent choice for children with cerebral palsy and other developmental delays. It offers flexibility, growth and ease of use, and adapts to changing needs.
App Standing
App Multisensorial Standing is a vertical stander by Ormesa designed to make therapy more enjoyable and engaging, thanks to an extraordinary multi-sensory experience. A patented electronics device mounted under the platform transforms any audio or video signal into vibrations. The vibrations propagate throughout the entire structure (including the platform, knee pads, supports and table), allowing the child to experience gratifying multisensory stimuli. Its structure supports without constraint, adapting in a simple and effective way to different postural needs. Available in mini, small, and medium sizes.
Innovation In Motion
(260) 665-2769
MPS Maxx System
The versatile, award-winning Group 3 MPS Maxx Power Standing System incorporates power standing with a full range of power positioning options. The series includes the Invacare AVIVA FX front-wheel drive with advanced LiNX Electronics platform, along with the ROVI A3 mid-wheel drive, with
its proven capabilities and tight turning radius. For little kiddos and smaller clients, the MPS Mini Power Stander (pictured) is available starting at 12x12", up to 17x17". The MPS Maxx series features 45° CG Tilt , 170° of Recline/ESR, 7" Seat Elevation, 178° Open Angle Standing Function, and Power Elevating Center Mount Platform.
Motion Concepts
(888) 433-6818
F5 Corpus VS
Permobil has made power standing wheel- chairs for more than 43 years. The F5 Corpus VS incorporates all of the essential features needed to stand with confidence, including fully programmable standing sequences to allow user position to be optimized using supine, semi-reclined, or sit-to-stand tech- niques. Further customize standing positions with adjustable anterior chest pad and mold- able knee supports redesigned for comfort and accessibility. Intelligent anti-tippers are attached directly to the chassis and auto- matically deploy during the stand sequence, providing the most stable standing platform available, no matter the angle. ActiveReach provides up to 45° forward tilt capability.
Leckey Squiggles+
Squiggles+ offers the perfect blend of style and function for little ones! Squiggles+ builds on the best of the much-loved, incredibly versatile Squiggles Stander: It still offers three-in-one standing, a minimalist child-focused design, near-to-the-ground positioning for socialization and interaction, unsurpassed support and adjustability,
plus easy setup, storage and portability. An added benefit of Squiggles+ is that it offers anatomically correct abducted standing that stabilizes the joint and provides optimum loading for early hip joint development; 60° of hip abduction can be achieved bilaterally in prone, upright or supine positions.
Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

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