Page 17 - Mobility Management, March/April 2021
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Few things in a facility impact outcomes as much as Therapeutic Support Surfaces.
Rest Easy – with the Invacare® microAIR® Support Surfaces Family.
Innovative from the inside out. The Invacare microAIR® Therapeutic Support Surfaces are thoughtfully designed to be clinically effective yet durable, with easily removable cells for maintenance and a unique detachable bladder sleeve design for easy cleaning.
From 2-in-one Alternating Pressure Low Air
Loss — to advanced 3-in-1 Alternating Pressure, Pulsation and Rotation Therapy, the Invacare family of Therapeutic Support Surfaces provide comfort and care for your residents and can help with improved outcomes for your facility.
Make Invacares microAIR® Therapeutic Support Surfaces an integral part of your facilities PI prevention and treatment programs.
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