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AllTrack M3
This mid-wheel-drive power wheelchair has a standard weight capacity of 300 lbs. (136 kg) or a heavy-duty option of up to 450 lbs. (205 kg). It is ideal for active users splitting time between indoor and outdoor activities. The AllTrack M3 allows the user to easily maneuver over obstacles with great stability, thanks to its dual-action suspension and the 8" (205 mm) front casters option. It features a short turning radius, adjustable rehab seating, seat-to-floor height as low as 15.75" (400 mm), state-of-the-art electronics and a 4-pole, 5.9-mph (9.5 km/h) or 6.5-mph (10.5 km/h) high-speed motor. Ask your Amylior rep for available options.
Amylior Inc.
(888) 453-0311
Turny Evo Seat
The Turny Evo seat moves completely outside the vehicle and lowers to a level that facilitates safe transfers. Once seated, the user pushes a button, and the seat lifts the person up and rotates into the vehicle. This solution is ideal for older clients who have trouble getting into SUVs, trucks or vans that sit higher off the ground. Caregivers will appreciate knowing their loved one can get into their vehicle without risking a fall
or injury. The Turny Evo is powered via a hand-held remote or optional smartphone app. The operation takes 35-65 seconds in total travel time, depending on the desired seating position and type of vehicle.
(888) 365-9417
Encore Pedal Wheelchair
Broda’s Encore Pedal Wheelchair is now available with a transport option that complies with WC19 safety transport stan- dards. Patients are safely secured into the WC19 option of the wheelchair via front and rear securements and a vehicle restraint seat belt. This ensures patients will stay firmly and comfortably seated in their wheelchair without the possibility of sliding or endan- gering themselves in transport. The WC19 option for the Encore Pedal also features 25° of tilt to position the occupant for optimal comfort and pressure redistribution.
(844) 552-7632
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SunMate Cushions
SunMate is premium, medical-grade visco- elastic foam found in many of today’s top wheelchair cushions. Its open-cell structure maximizes airflow to reduce heat buildup. Extraordinary support alleviates sitting fatigue by uniformly distributing pressure while absorbing and dissipating impact energy. SunMate allows for just the right level of immersion for optimum positioning and comfort without bottoming out. This orthopaedic cushion line offers 10 levels
of support to accommodate any weight; cushions are available in standard, sheet and custom sizes. Wedges and generic contoured cushion styles prevent sliding.
Dynamic Systems

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