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                                                   THE I-DRIVE® 4.0 INNOVATION
Developed in partnership with Trident Research, i‐Drive® 4.0 is the most advanced wheelchair drive control to date. Designed around a proprietary Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Advanced Programming Software (APS), this combination of hardware and software brings state‐of‐the‐art technology to the alternative drive control industry. The i‐Drive control system allows the use of alternative input devices to drive a power wheelchair. Up to six input devices such as an egg switch, proximity pad, Sip & Puff, head array, and tray array are supported. The i‐Drive system relies primarily on two types of input interpretations: switched and proportional. The interpretation used for each channel is dependent on the function assigned to it. The i‐Drive system includes software that can display real‐time diagnostics data, such as the desired direction of motion, to help setup and verify con guration.
• Bluetooth® provides seamless
programming and future connectivity
• Smart ports automatically detect when something is plugged into i‐Drive
• Sip and puff allows for proportional breath control in close areas
• i-Connect offers the ability to control all non‐pressure switches from one box
• Mouse emulator allows full control of the mouse pointer just like with a physical mouse input device
Control Harness
i-Drive Head Array
i-Drive Tray

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