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                                                                                           Ki Mobility Begins Distributing Leckey Seating & Positioning
With the start of the new year, Ki Mobility has begun distributing multiple Leckey products in North America.
Ki Mobility will now distribute the Squiggles Seat and Stander; the Mygo Seat and Stander; the Everyday Activity Seat; the Pal Classroom Seat; and the Advance bath chair. The distribution agreement began Jan. 1.
Ki Mobility can also provide additional Leckey products if given extended lead times.
In its initial November announcement of the part- nership, Ki Mobility President Doug Munsey said, “Our mission is to make our customer’s, the ATP’s, job easier. Not just easier to do business with us, but easier to do their jobs. The products we will be distributing comple- ment our innovative pediatric line and will allow us to provide the ATP with even more pediatric choices.”
announcement, “James Leckey Design is delighted to announce we will be partnering with Ki Mobility in North America. We have developed a strong working relation- ship between our businesses over the past three years representing Ki Mobility products. Both companies share common visions and values with an ambition to create the best products and programs for children and adults with special needs.” m
Ki Mobility now distributes (from left) the Pal Classroom Seat, the Squiggles Stander and the Mygo Seat.
   James Leckey, CEO of Leckey, said in the
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