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The stability of foam. The protection of air. All in one. The ROHO® Hybrid Elite SR® Cushion
The Hybrid Elite SR:
The ROHO Hybrid Elite SR cushion is an innovative cushion combining the skin/soft-tissue protection and Shape Fitting Technology® of a ROHO DRY FLOATATION® cushion with the stability of a contoured foam base.
Plus, the Sensor Ready® port easily connects with ROHO’s exclusive Smart Check® device. This helps you find the proper inflation level to minimize tissue deformation and facilitate blood flow.
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• Decreases friction and shear
• Adjusts to individual’s position over time
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• Facilitates wound healing and the prevention of pressure injuries
• Increases stability for postural control, transfers and lower extremity positioning
• Connects to Smart Check, the world’s
first personal electronic inflation monitor through an exclusive quick-disconnect port

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