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Alltrack Series
The most recent Alltrack Series offers outstanding quality and balanced perfor- mance, but with lighter components and a sleeker look. Each component is designed, engineered, produced and distributed from Amysystems’ new local facility, leaving no room for discrepancies on the final product. Using higher-grade components results
in lower overall service costs. The Alltrack platform has an innovative core technology that enhances stability, maneuverability and comfort for the user. It’s available in multiple configurations, all with 6-wheel interactive suspension and additional seat suspension.
(888) 453-0311
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Sof Tech
A fully automatic, self-contained alternating cushion system, the SofTech operates very much the way an alternating support surface does. System components are integrated into the cushion, so there is no separate control box. All areas of the client’s posterior receive pressure redistribution as many
as 60 times an hour, to provide pressure relief similar to doing a pressure lift. The battery-operated system runs for more than 40 hours per charge and is custom-built to each client based on locations of current pressure injuries and unique client needs. Custom sizing is available.
Aquila Corp.
(866) 782-9658
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Aeromesh Belts & Calf Supports
Bodypoint shower chair belts and wheelchair calf supports are made from Aeromesh, a polyester mesh that is silky and smooth, not stiff against the skin. Water, soap, dirt and air flow freely through, and Aeromesh’s porosity prevents buildup of moisture, grime and heat. Shower belts have Bodypoint’s strong, standards-tested side-release buckle, and oversized D rings for easier grasping. Hook- and-loop calf supports, in panel and strap styles, have an Aeromesh layer against the skin, with a stiffener layer underneath.
(800) 547-5716
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DSTPRO Stair Trainer
The Dynamic Stair Trainer has electronically elevating steps to enable clients to train at their level, from a flat plane to a height of 6.5". The system records the height of the step as well as time needed to ascend and descend. An onboard computer charts prog- ress and assesses the potential for improve- ment. Clarke Health Care’s Aquatec bathlift, OceanDUAL tilt and recline shower chair, Boris pediatric tilt shower chair, Dolomite Step-Up gait trainer and WheelAble folding commode will also be on display.
Clarke Health Care Products Inc.
(888) 347-4537
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Swift Mobile Tilt
Available in three models, the Swift Mobile Tilt allows for tilt maneuvering from the side to achieve an ergonomically optimal care position. The Swift Mobile Tilt also enables the user and the caregiver to have eye contact for better communication during the tilting process. Gas pistons facilitate the return to an upright position; the seat can be set to various fixed positions without using tools. The basic model has manually operated tilt with or without a motor, and the Swift Mobile Tilt 160 has an increased weight capacity. Hand controls enable tilting from any position.
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CJSM2-BT Joystick Module
The CJSM2-BT joystick module from PG Drives is a Bluetooth- and infrared-en- abled version of the popular CJSM2 model. Integrated Bluetooth technology enables wheelchair users to control personal computers, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads and other smart devices, right from the joystick module. Infrared communication is widely used to remotely control household appliances and some home-automation equipment to give users more environ- mental independence.
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