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                                   DATA ANALYTICS
The Adaptive Response Initiative
Webinar Series • May 22-31, 2018
 Save the date for our webinar series featuring Splunk and seven of their complementary technology partners. You’ll learn more about how your agency can benefit from an adaptive response approach that enables security analysts — from hunters to less skilled security staff — to better handle threats by speeding the time to make decisions and actions when responding and adapting to them.
                              The Splunk-led Adaptive Response Initiative represents the collective efforts of best-of breed security vendors who are committed to providing a defense strategy for multi-layered, heterogeneous security architectures.
The initiative brings together vendors to provide the benefit of collective intelligence and coordinated response actions to customer security architectures. This makes it possible to better defend against threats by ensuring that the cycle of “insight to action” can be accelerated; that is, not hindered by data silos and inefficiencies from operating across multiple domains.
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